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InternshipsCollaborating with Southern California colleges and universities, including California State University at Long Beach, JFCS offers internships to graduate students and post-graduates on their way to becoming MFT’s, MSW’s and psychologists.  This unique program helps prepare the next generation of mental health professionals.

At any given time, JFCS maintains 40-50 student associates and interns working mostly with individuals, families and couples.  Associates and interns are encouraged to participate in facilitating support groups as well as working with school site programs.  Associates and interns gain a wide variety of experiences from a diverse population representing the spectrum of age groups, ethnic backgrounds and issues.  JFCS seeks the best and brightest of associates and interns, as they are critical to the success of our programs.  JFCS is intent on providing a rewarding and valuable training experience for those who meet our criteria.

If you are interested in joining forces with JFCS as an associate or intern, please contact us by calling (562) 427-7916 or using the webform below.  Thank you in advance for your kind interest.